Friday, October 31, 2014

Parent/Teacher Conferences Oct 29 & 30

Online scheduling for Parent/Teacher conferences is now open.
Each conference on both days will have two options. One schdedule is for teams and the other is to schedule with individual teachers. 
A link is provided below to access the conference website.
For help in setting up new accounts, click here, to access a parent guide.
If you need additional assistance, please contact Misty Adamson by phone at 785-286-8400 or by email at

Parent Teacher Conferences
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The 8th grade math teachers offered an extension activity for their
students. The activity was entitled Barbie Bungee. Any student who was
earning a 65% or greater could choose participate in the activity. Students
who decided to participate had to attend four seminar meetings. At these
meetings, they wrote procedures for the activity, collected data by dropping
Barbie a certain number of times and then crunched the data to determine
an equation for their line. After arriving at their equation, they will make
bungee cords for their Barbie. On Oct. 23, we travel edto the high school to
see which group gave their Barbie the greatest thrill without killing
her. The Barbie that drops closest to the ground without hitting is the
winner. The winning group was Mya Kramer, Ashlee Kleiner and Jaiden
Anderson. Everyone had a good time.
Students who participated in this activity receive no grade. They decided to
take part in the activity and use the knowledge they recently learned in
"Thinking with Mathematical Models". Having fun with math is the goal of
this activity.