Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Transportation Department
Shop Location:  5620 NW Topeka Blvd
(785) 286-8440  Fax:  (785) 286-8442 


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  • Robert Sittenauer, Director of Transportation since February, 2003


  • Neal Shelley, Shop Supervisor since September, 1989


  • Dorothy Hammer, Secretary since March, 2000


  • Jerry Boyce, Lead Mechanic since December, 1998


  • Matt Reeb, Asst. Mechanic since July, 2000


  • Dustin Oelke, Asst. Mechanic since July, 2011

    "A Defensive Driver is one who is careful to commit no driving errors himself, who makes allowance for the lack of skill or improper attitude on the part of the other fellow, and who does not allow hazards of weather and road conditions or the actions of pedestrians and other drivers to involve him in accidents.  S)He keeps continually on the alert, recognizes an accident-producing situation far enough in advance to apply the necessary preventative action, and concedes the right of way when necessary to prevent an accident.  School bus driving is such an important job and carries with it so many heavy responsibilities that all school bus operators must be defensive drivers."